SEC Championship Game
Year Eastern Division Score Western Division Score Venue MVP
1992 (12) Florida 21 (2) Alabama 28 Legion Field CB Antonio Langham - Alabama
1993 (9) Florida 28 (16) Alabama 13 Legion Field QB Terry Dean - Florida
1994 (6) Florida 24 (3) Alabama 23 Georgia Dome DT Ellis Johnson - Florida
1995 (2) Florida 34 (23) Arkansas 3 Georgia Dome QB Danny Wuerffel - Florida
1996 (4) Florida 45 (11) Alabama 30 Georgia Dome QB Danny Wuerffel - Florida
1997 (3) Tennessee 30 (11) Auburn 29 Georgia Dome QB Peyton Manning - Tennessee
1998 (1) Tennessee 24 (23) Mississippi State 14 Georgia Dome WR Peerless Price - Tennessee
1999 (5) Florida 7 (7) Alabama 34 Georgia Dome WR Freddy Milons - Alabama
2000 (7) Florida 28 (18) Auburn 6 Georgia Dome QB Rex Grossman - Florida
2001 (2) Tennessee 20 (21) LSU 31 Georgia Dome QB Matt Mauck - LSU
2002 (4) Georgia 30 (22) Arkansas 3 Georgia Dome QB David Greene - Georgia
2003 (5) Georgia 13 (3) LSU 34 Georgia Dome RB Justin Vincent - LSU
2004 (15) Tennessee 28 (3) Auburn 34 Georgia Dome QB Jason Campbell - Auburn
2005 (13) Georgia 34 (3) LSU 34 Georgia Dome QB DJ Shockley - Georgia
2006 (4) Florida 38 (8) Arkansas 28 Georgia Dome WR Percy Harvin - Florida
2007 (14) Tennessee 14 (5) LSU 21 Georgia Dome QB Ryan Perriloux - LSU
2008 (2) Florida 31 (1) Alabama 20 Georgia Dome QB Tim Tebow - Florida
2009 (1) Florida 13 (2) Alabama 32 Georgia Dome QB Greg McElroy - Alabama
2010 (19) South Carolina 17 (1) Auburn 56 Georgia Dome QB Cam Newton - Auburn
2011 (12) Georgia 10 (1) LSU 42 Georgia Dome CB Tyrann Mathieu - LSU
2012 (3) Georgia 28 (2) Alabama 32 Georgia Dome RB Eddie Lacy - Alabama
2013 (5) Missouri Tigers 42 (2) Auburn 59 Georgia Dome RB Tre Mason - Auburn
2014 (16) Missouri Tigers 13 (1) Alabama 42 Georgia Dome QB Blake Sims - Alabama
2015 (12) Florida 15 (2) Alabama 29 Georgia Dome RB Derrick Henry - Alabama
2016 (15) Florida 16 (1) Alabama 54 Georgia Dome LB Rueben Foster - Alabama
2017 (3) Georgia 28 (2) Auburn 7 Mercedes-Benz Stadium LB Roguan Smith - Georgia
2018 (4) Georgia 28 (1) Alabama 35 Mercedes-Benz Stadium RB Josh Jacobs - Alabama
Totals 12 Wins 659 15 Wins 757 - -

SEC Championship Game
School History
Appearances School Wins Losses
12 Alabama Crimson Tide 8 4
12 Florida Gators 7 5
5 LSU Tigers 4 1
6 Auburn Tigers 3 3
7 Georgia Bulldogs 3 4
5 Tennessee Volunteers 2 3
3 Arkansas Razorbacks 0 3
2 Missouri Tigers 0 2
1 Mississippi State Bulldogs 0 1
1 South Carolina Gamecocks 0 1
0 Kentucky Wildcats 0 0
0 Mississippi Rebels 0 0
0 Vanderbilt Commodores 0 0
0 Texas A&M Aggies 0 0

The SEC Championship Game has made its place among the "games to see" in the Southeastern Conference. The title game has provided SEC fans plenty of memories and has catapulted teams to national championships and top national finishes.

The SEC’s Eastern and Western Division winners will meet in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome to battle for the league championship and the right to represent the conference in the Bowl Championship Series. The participants of the game are determined each year during the eight-game regular-season conference schedule as the teams with the best overall SEC winning percentage in each division.

The relatively young history of the SEC Championship Game has minted some of the biggest names in college football and has also given legendary status to great coaches. Peyton Manning cemented his legacy with the Tennessee Volunteers with an SEC Championship victory, and Jason Campbell secured his spot in the NFL with the SEC Championship. The rivalry between the Florida Gators and Alabama Crimson Tide has produced some of the best games on the SEC Championship and created the legend of Florida Gators coach Steve Spurrier.

SEC Championship: Alabama & Florida
The Florida Gators and Alabama Crimson Tide have met five times in the SEC Championship Game since 1992, with the Florida Gators taking a 3-2 advantage. The first three SEC Championship Games featured a duel of two great college football minds between Steve Spurrier of the Florida Gators and Gene Stallings of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Many saw this trio of battles as the turning point for not only the SEC but college football as a whole. With explosive offenses and great defenses, SEC Championship Game tickets gave fans a glimpse of the future.

SEC Championship: 1992
The SEC became the first-ever NCAA conference to have a championship game, and they kicked it off with a thriller. The 1992 SEC Championship featured the offensive genius of up-and-coming Florida Gators coach Steve Spurrier against the old-school defensive guru Gene Stallings of the Crimson Tide. Fans bought SEC Championship Game tickets as fast as they could, knowing they were seeing history in the making. Many college football experts saw the 1992 SEC Championship as a trailblazer for how the BCS would be run in the future.

The Alabama Crimson Tide were heavy favorites thanks to their veteran coaching staff and defense, which would later gain recognition as one of the best in college football history. Even with the deck stacked against them, the pass-happy Florida Gators nearly pulled an upset against the undefeated Alabama Crimson Tide, but the final drive to break the 21-21 tie ended with an interception by Alabama Crimson Tide CB Antonio Langham that was returned for a touchdown. The Alabama Crimson Tide would go on to win the National Championship, something common for SEC Champions.

SEC Championship: 1993-94
The flames of the Florida Gators and Alabama Crimson Tide rivalry were stoked, thanks in part to the many media shenanigans of the outspoken Steve Spurrier. As soon as it was known that the Alabama Crimson Tide and Florida Gators would meet again, SEC Championship Game tickets flew out of the box office. Thanks to the game plan of Steve Spurrier and the arm of QB Terry Dean, the Florida Gators came away with the 28-13 win and eventually went on to a dramatic Sugar Bowl victory that put them on the NCAA map.

In an effort to keep things impartial and to meet the demand of SEC Championship Game tickets, the game was moved to its permanent home of the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. The machine that would become the 1990s Florida Gators fully emerged behind QB Danny Wuerffel and the Steve Spurrier designed “Fun-N-Gun”. The undefeated Alabama Crimson Tide were favored to win and managed to bog down the passing game. The Florida Gators defense filled the void however and led to a clutch 24-23 victory. The Florida Gators would go on to win the Sugar Bowl once more.

SEC Championship: 1996
The 1996 SEC Championship Game would be the final battle between Gene Stallings and Steve Spurrier. The Georgia Dome quickly sold out of SEC Championship Game tickets, and over 70,000 fans were on hand to see the biggest game in the American South. QB Danny Wuerffel threw for over 400 yards and scored six touchdowns in a 45-30 rout in favor of the Florida Gators. Gene Stallings would go into retirement while Steve Spurrier took the Florida Gators to a National Championship victory.

SEC Championship: 1999
It would take years and much turmoil, but the Alabama Crimson Tide would eventually have their revenge on Steve Spurrier in 1999. Not only would they hand the Florida Gators a defeat in the regular season in an overtime shocker, but they would face them again in the SEC Championship. Alabama Crimson Tide fans quickly sold out the Georgia Dome as they bought all the SEC Championship Game tickets they could find. Thanks to players like RB Shaun Alexander, the Alabama Crimson Tide rolled over the Florida Gators in a 34-7 blow out.

SEC Championship: 2008
It has been nearly a decade, but the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Florida Gators will meet in the SEC Championship once again. Irving Meyer and Nick Sabin replace Steve Spurrier and Gene Stallings, respectively, but the football genius on the sidelines lives up to those two icons. Not only is pride and the SEC title on the line but so is a trip to the BCS National Championship. Fans of both teams will quickly sell out the Georgia Dome as they snatch up SEC Championship Game tickets for what could be the game of the year.